How we work

KJ’s works in a manner that is Martu-focussed and recognises and reinforces Martu values.  The core principles by which KJ operates can be summarised as:

Partnership – Martu and non-Martu working together as equals, with complementary skills and knowledge.

Building – Creating the future that Martu people want, that strengthens Martu society and engages confidently and effectively with mainstream society.

Participation – By building a culture of participation in Martu communities, individual Martu will be supported and strengthened.

Realism – Taking account of the real pressures and politics and realistic timeframes within which change can occur.

Reflection – Combining action with reflection, to learn as we go.

Honesty – Talking and dealing straight with each other, with Government and with others.

Respect – Martu and non-Martu can work strongly together if they respect each other and act with respect towards each other.