How We Work


Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa (KJ) is a Martu organisation, active throughout all Martu communities. Each remote community has different histories, family groups and infrastructure.

Having worked solidly for more than a decade, KJ has been able to establish both profile and partnership within Martu society, and beyond it. KJ is committed to an ‘action research model’ of community development. In this model there is a continuous cycle of planning, action and reviewing.

KJ has developed an annual process of review and feedback on program activities and directions. This process begins with Martu reporting at each annual general meeting about their teams’ or program’s activities.

Towards the end of the calendar year, feedback meetings are held for KJ members and Martu to provide input into program design and development. This opportunity for input by the broader Martu community is an important aspect of ensuring that KJ stays relevant and responsive to members.

KJ advocates an explicit partnership model. We recognise that in this cross-cultural interface, Martu have their specific skills and knowledge, while non-Martu have different skills and knowledge. Working closely together blends and uses both sets of competencies to produce the best results in a complex cross-cultural environment.

Butler and Twigg
The Martu ranger program is KJ’s largest funded program, with expenditure of about $3.6 million for the men’s program and $648,000 for the women’s program. Martu have done a lot of work in looking after country and keeping culture strong.
— KJ Annual Report 2017-18

KJ’s core principles

Partnership — Martu and non-Martu working together as equals, with complementary skills and knowledge.

Building — Creating the future that Martu people want, that strengthens Martu society and engages confidently and effectively with mainstream society.

Participation — By building a culture of participation in Martu communities, individual Martu will be supported and strengthened.

Realism — Taking account of the real pressures and politics and realistic timeframes within which change can occur.

Reflection — Combining action with reflection, to learn as we go.

Honesty — Talking and dealing straight with each other, with Government and with others.

Respect — Martu and non-Martu can work strongly together if they respect each other and act with respect towards each other.