Walk to Gather

Martu women take us to Yulpu to learn the ways of their old people. Four generations of women gather together to teach about bush food and medicine plants of their desert country. Grandmothers keep alive the skills of food preparation. No one in the world has such expertise.

The ancient foods, practices and knowledge of Australia are at threat of being lost. The passing of elders with their unique skills and knowledge is one heartfelt concern for many younger Aboriginal people.

Women speak of JakapiriWamurlaKalaruLungkurn and learn how to prepare Green Bird Flower, Bush Tomato, Sandhill wattle and other plants. They make special food and elegant artworks. Old and new ways to teach and learn are blended. The women share a good time. Schoolchildren visit too.

"Young people need to know the old people’s ways. They need to know what our Martu ancestors did in bushman times. This is for our children and children of the future".  Chrissy Sailor