Wama Wangka — talking about alcohol

Alcohol abuse affects the whole population but there are few resources designed to address the unique cultural, social and linguistic challenges faced by Martu in the remote Western Desert.

Most Martu and their communities have been directly affected through the excessive consumption of alcohol and the consequent harm. Providing an opportunity for people to talk about their experience of alcohol abuse and the inherent trauma is therapy in itself.

The desired outcome of the production of the film was to develop a resource that would enable Martu to begin openly talking about alcohol and the affect it has on them, their families and culture. The film is made up of five sections and explores 10 people’s relationship with alcohol.

The film fits within a larger alcohol strategy that is being developed. The strategy is two level: individual and societal. Working with Martu to try to change the impact of alcohol on their lives. It is a holistic strategy rather than one focused exclusively on alcohol.

Thank you to WAPHA for providing funding for this film and our partnership with Mission Australia in developing a larger alcohol strategy. For public viewing is the trailer above. For more information please contact KJ.