Wanyja Mankarr

In one of the most remote parts of Australia live some rare and threatened animals. One such animal is the bilby.

Once common across Australian deserts, the bilby (a shy creature) is now endangered. Its last stronghold in the wild is in Martu country.

Martu people are the Traditional Owners for this bilby country. Martu rangers working with Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa look after country using Martu ways and whitefella ways. They protect endangered animals like the bilby. Introduced animals like feral cats, foxes and rabbits threaten the bilbies. Large hot wildfires also destroy their food and cover from predators.

Martu rangers put a remote sensor camera outside of a bilby burrow to capture some of the life of a bilby. Sit back and watch the desert in action. Be patient and look carefully — wanyja mankarr? Where is the bilby?