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Partnering with KJ not only helps to ensure the livelihood and wellbeing of Martu people, country and culture, but will help your organisation achieve cultural, environmental and social objectives as part of your corporate social responsibility, community engagement, or reconciliation action plans and strategies.

KJ’s mission is to support Martu to build strong, sustainable communities that reflect Martu values and needs, self-determination and aspirations. We achieve this through delivering a range of programs, including health and social issues, families and early childhood development, environmental conservation and land management, cultural awareness training, and the preservation of language, culture and traditional ecological knowledge.

Our partners are invaluable to the continuation of our work, and we continue to seek the support of corporate, philanthropic, government, and like-minded community partners who share KJ’s principles of How We Work together with realism, honesty and respect.

Whether it be financial or in-kind support, or a long-term partnership, we would love to hear from you.


Archival donations

A large part of KJ’s cultural archive consists of materials which have been generously donated by people who have previously lived or worked in the Martu community. This includes many significant photos, films and documents which are often the only tangible reminders of historical events and family who have now sadly passed.

The return of these materials is of immense value to Martu — for documenting Martu history, tracing family and re-establishing connection to country, and teaching children about their culture and history. It is also of value to those who donate the materials as it gives them an opportunity to contribute back to the community and reconnect with old friends.

KJ continues to work with people who are interested in sharing or returning their collections to Martu. KJ ensures all materials are handled carefully and respectfully on behalf of all Martu and under the guidance of senior cultural advisers.

Materials are shared back directly with families and, where appropriate, made accessible on KJ on-country trips, dedicated archive computers in communities, and available to community schools and organisations. A physical archive is maintained on-site as well as lodging suitable materials for long-term preservation at the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) and National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA).

If you have some materials which you believe are of interest to the Martu community, please get in contact with us at (08) 9175 9700 or


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