Board + Governance


Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa (KJ) is about Martu and non-Martu working together. There is a broad acceptance that these principles helps keep KJ strong and ensures integrity between the mainstream and Martu world.

KJ has put in place a number of tools and measures to ensure good governance, and simultaneously, to give Martu the capacity to take more effective control of the management of the organisation. 

These tools and measures include:

  • a senior Martu Cultural Advisor (Muuki Taylor) who has provided advice to the organisation since its formation in 2005. This role has been important in providing strong governance and leadership by Martu

  • the Chair of the Board meetings is rotated at every meeting between the Martu directors

  • KJ standard practices ensure transparency and accountability in its financial management, which has been described as exemplary by former Commonwealth minister

  • Directors are elected for a two-year term, with half retiring each year. This practice allows many Martu to have the opportunity to participate at Board level, and ensures a continuing knowledge of corporate history and practices

  • Advisory Directors provide expertise in financial management, regulatory compliance, law and prudent management advice but cannot vote, ensuring Martu have genuine control of major decisions 

  • a summary of the Board deliberations are circulated to directors in each community in a simple, visual format to provide feedback to communities; and

  • a Board that invites a number of Martu elders to attend meetings and provide cultural and political advice in its deliberations.

In 2016, KJ was awarded the Highly Commended Prize at the Indigenous Governance Awards.

KJ is governed by a board of 12 Martu directors and three non-voting advisory directors. Each of Martu’s five communities are represented by two directors, with a further two representing the Martu diaspora. Once appointed, all directors are provided with board induction and training, and are required to sign the Board Charter which sets out:

  • the roles and responsibilities of the board and individual directors

  • the way the board works and the relationship between the board and management; and

  • how the board will conduct its business and the way directors should behave in their roles.

Martu directors
Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa jirlpikaja-ya katinpa, Canberrakurtu, Perthkurtu, wangka-ya yunku Governmentkarti, nintirriku-ya. Kulilku-ya ngana-ya wajarninpa Martulu. Jirlpi kamu yangupala-ya wangkaku, wangalyurru yanku marlaku ngurrakarti. Ngurrangka-ya nyinin Martukaja pukurlarriku nantirrarriku.
— Martu Elder

Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa takes old people to Canberra, to Perth, to give talks to the Government, to teach them. They will listen to what the Martu are saying. When the old people and the young people speak to Government, their words will fly back home, quickly with the wind, so that the people in the communities will feel strong and proud of them.

Our Board

Jean Nowak

Luke Frank
Newman representative

Shirley Alexander

Vivianne Landy
Newman representative

Catherine Ward

Lindsay Crusoe
Jigalong representative

Katherine Kaufmann

Maria Lane
Jigalong representative

Roy James

Alwyn Booth
Parnngurr representative

Terry Amirpour

Carol Williams
Parnngurr representative

Gloria Ward

Cassandra Nanudie
Punmu representative

Neil Lane

Neil Lane
Punmu representative

Anthony Muller

Larry Bundabar
Kunawarritji representative

Anne Jones

Fabian Larry
Kunawarritji representative

Janet Amirpour

Andrew Minyardie
Other representative

To be filled
Other representative