Many of KJ’s historical recordings — some dating back to the 1960s — are of substantial national, linguistic and historical significance. The collection contains a vast wealth of knowledge and language about:

  • the Jukurrpa (the Dreaming)

  • traditional culture (bush foods, medicines and crafts)

  • country (including ecology, hydrology and geography)

  • seasons and constellations; and

  • invaluable oral histories of pujiman (desert born) life, first contact and mission day stories.

The knowledge and cultural stories recorded by Martu elders — many of whom have now passed away — inspire younger generations of Martu with a sense of connection and belonging to their country and community.

Martu understand the urgency for KJ to continue recording these stories, life experiences and the encyclopaedic knowledge of country held by the remaining Pujiman elders for future generations.

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The stories are very, very important. Very important to hear about our old people and how they lived in the desert and to pass on those stories to our kids.
— Carl Marney, Ranger, Punmu

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