Cultural Archive


KJ holds a significant collection of oral history recordings and other materials, including tens of thousands of photos, and hundreds of hours of voice recordings and film, and special objects that provide a rich record of Martu and their lives from the 1930s to present day.

The archive is continually growing as cultural information continues to be recorded and collected by Martu through ranger and on-country work, and through materials donated by people who have lived and worked with Martu. They are important sources of pride, cultural connection and cultural knowledge for Martu.

Martu continue to access and engage with their body of stories and knowledge through dedicated archive computers in communities and as part of regular ranger and family trips on-country. KJ is currently developing a “place-based” digital app to ensure that at any site, the right knowledge and stories are accessible while on-country. This information is also accessible in community and to Martu who are living outside Martu country.

Materials in the archive have informed the creation and publication of products that elaborate and celebrate Martu history, including the award-winning book ‘Cleared Out’ [2005] and documentary ‘Contact’ [2009].
— KJ Culture Program