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KJ Quarterly Update (May 2019)

In this edition:

  • Martu continue their bilby research, asking Wanja Mankarr? – to assess threats, habitat, and food sources

  • A new digital app is underway – a key tactic to record and pass on warrarnmili ninti

  • KJ rangers pass their fire training and have a practice run: flying over Martu country, dropping incendiary capsules

  • Martu version of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) – called Wama Wangka – is underway and will unite Martu action – action that will change the drinking story

  • Kunawarritji rangers are joined on country by Newman police – visiting a number of important sites and see how the rangers check tourist permits

  • Two important rock hole sites found while helicopter mapping

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KJ Quarterly Update (August 2018)

In this edition:

• Martu host 18 leaders from Police, Border Force and Fire and Rescue services on country
• Motion-sensor cameras captured a Northern Quoll. This is the first time this species has been recorded by Western Science in this area
• 41 Martu participated in an eight-day on-country pilgrimage to a number of important sites
• Martu rangers and leadership participants attended a two and a half day ‘Documenting and Revitalising Indigenous Languages’ (DRIL) workshop with trainers from the Resource Network for Linguistic Diversity (RNLD) from Melbourne.

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