Social Programs


KJ’s social programs are built on the foundation of the Martu Leadership Program (MLP), a community education and development program. The MLP helps Martu to learn about the mainstream world and to gain confidence in engaging effectively with mainstream agencies. 

This process builds aspiration to drive social change initiatives in areas as diverse as the criminal justice system, economic development, changes to government policy, governance and destructive social problems such as alcohol abuse and violence.

Cultural Awareness

Cultural awareness

Martu and KJ staff provide cultural awareness training to organisations who work with Martu people. The standard program covers history, language, society structures and the Martu world. Specialised programs are also delivered on request.

Criminal justice system

Criminal justice program

Martu are working with agencies in the criminal justice system to change the way it affects Martu individuals and families. This program has two broad objectives: to help Martu learn about the system and to develop partnerships with key personnel so they can work together to improve interactions and to reduce levels of crime and incarceration.


Martu leadership program

The Martu Leadership Program (MLP) is a community education and development program for Martu adults from remote Western Desert communities. It focuses on the cross-cultural interface and developing the capacity of Martu to work effectively with the mainstream world and the capacity of the mainstream world to work effectively with Martu.

Family programs

Women and families program

Early childhood experience is critical to child development. For this reason, the Women and Families Program seeks to ensure Martu children can have a strong, healthy start to their lives. Early childhood education, child and maternal health, cultural identity and language, and strong support for parents are key areas of focus.