Helicopter Mapping: finally finding Jiman and Juntiwa

Rangers and elders have conducted helicopter mapping and waru work out of Parnngurr and Punmu. Two very important rock holes were found – Jiman and Juntiwa – as well as having the chance to capture elders’ stories.

There are some great success stories from the recent chopper mapping work. East of Parnngurr, Ngamaru Bidu and Alwyn Booth found Jiman rock hole. This is a site the family has been trying to find for many years. This was an exciting find for many families who have connections to Jiman. The rangers will aim to make a track to the rock hole so that more Martu can visit this very important place.

From GJ bore on the Canning Stock Route, Ngamaru and Edwina Booth found Jarnjujarra rock hole, and the following day Ngamaru with Lindsay Robinson found Jurrarl yinta (permanent water) which had water in it. There are still many waterholes in these areas, and in the east around Pitu, that Ngamaru wants to find.

At the Lakehouse (Punmu ranger station) there was a lot of wangka (talk) around mapping with Mulyatingki and Waka, as well as Ngarinyjapayi and Minyawu, who came especially from Hedland to support the mapping and burning work.

Everybody wanted to make the most of the elders being here, especially the young people, so while the helicopter work was happening, the rest of the team had the chance to record their stories.

Waka and Mulyatingki, with Cassandra Nanudie and Damien Miller, looked for pujiman places near Jarntinti claypan, and up towards Japali in the Karlamilyi area and ground-truthed Ngatu. Waka, Charleston Miller and Ijuwayi (Curtis Robinson) looked for pujiman water holes to the south and east of Razorblade Bore and ground-truthed and recorded stories for some of these sites. Everybody was very happy when Mulyatingki and DL (Donna Loxton) found Juntiwa rock hole north of Telfer Road – a very special place that families have wanted to find for a long time.

This year…

There have been eight more sites ground-truthed, 12 recordings made with five elders, and 22 Martu participating in helicopter mapping. There are now lots of new places for the rangers, elders and KJ’s Country and Culture team to visit and look after.