Fire Training: Going Sky High


In April, KJ rangers gathered at Nifty Mine to undertake Incendiary Machine Operator (IMO) training; a critical role in aerial burning operations.

Ngurrara and Kiwirrkurra rangers were also involved in the training, which provided networking opportunities for the rangers and prompted conversations about collaboration on fire management across the desert.

All KJ rangers successfully completed the course, meaning they are now accredited IMOs who can operate the aerial incendiary machine in an aircraft. After successfully completing the theory component, the rangers had the opportunity to immediately put their new skills into action.

Each ranger undertook a practice run, flying over Martu country, dropping aerial incendiary capsules and practicing emergency procedures. For those new to the role, the practice runs provided a preview of the upcoming fire season when their expertise will be put to good use.

With thanks…

The training – organised in conjunction with the 10 Deserts Project and supported by MetalsX – was conducted by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions.