Our Impact


KJ delivers a suite of environmental, cultural and social programs. A study to assess KJ’s impact — in particular, the Social Return on Investment (SROI) of KJ’s programs — was undertaken in 2014. This study serves as a broad evaluation of KJ’s on-country programs.

Approximately 54 Martu and another 40 external stakeholders were consulted about KJ’s programs and their outcomes. The most significant outcomes for Martu were:

  • the reinforcement of traditional authority structures

  • the maintenance of connection to country; and

  • less time in prison.

The Australian and Western Australian governments, private investors, and not-for-profit organisations delivering services to Martu communities also see benefit from KJ’s programs, which achieve Martu social, economic and cultural objectives, potential government cost savings (particularly in the justice system and employment services), and tax revenue increases.

KJ’s on-country programs were found to have generated transformative change across the Martu communities, with a wide range of social, economic and cultural outcomes. The achievement of these outcomes are primarily dependent on the engagement of Martu being on-country. The study found that the more time Martu spend on-country, the greater the value created by KJ’s on-country programs.

More information on the social value and other outcomes (which was estimated in investment of 3:1) is available below.

Welcome to Martu Country
KJ is ready to progress its programs to a more professional level taking concepts of community leadership with it... the various communities that are running programmes are looking to KJ rangers to help develop its next generation of leaders.
— Deen Potter, Magistrate, Pilbara Region